Silicon darts Game Set - Indoor, Outdoor Suction Cup Throwing Game

WHAT IS SILICON DARTS?Popdarts is the next legendary dart game like youve never seen before. WHY CHOOSE SILICON DARTS?In a world that isolates us with devices, we bring you a game that bringsfriends and family of all ages together, fuels creativity and challengesabilities! WHATS INCLUDED IN ASET? 5 Blue Popdarts | 5 Green Popdarts | 2 Orange Target Marker | 1 MeshCarrying Bag with rules printed right on the bag WHERE CAN I PLAY? Ourcompact sets can be played wherever you go, indoors or outdoors. Silicon dartsstick best to smooth surfaces like a countertop, refrigerator, window, carwindshield, glass door, surfboard – be creative! HOW DO YOU SCORE? Theclosest Silicon dart to the Target Marker = 3 points. Every other Silicon dartthat sticks = 1 point. Use “Cancellation Scoring” (just like cornhole). Forexample: 5 blue – 2 green = 3 blue. Each game consists of multiple rounds!First team to reach 21 points wins! 5 Pc Blue Dart, 5 Pc Green Dart, 2 Pc Target

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