Hand Warmer Pack Of 10 Pc

Just open the packaging, warmth is activated by contact with air, no pre-heating necessary, njoy the natural warmth for up to 8 hours, average temperature: 58° C, single use product 10 pc separately packed hand warmers, ideal for gloves, coat or trouser pocket,Ideal for every kind of winter sports, outdoor sports or visits Natural ingredients: Iron powder, salt, charcoal, water and vermiculite,Color : White Material : TypeIron Powder, salt, active carbon, water, vermiculite, fleece,Season : Autumn-Winter DO NOT USE: - on any other part of the body other than the palms. while sleeping. with other heating devices. on infants or on those who cannot remove the warmer by themselves. in pants pocket. additional pressure such as lying or sitting on the warmer. Careful supervision is required when used by the elderly, children, the handicapped, and those with sensitive skin.

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